Curriculum Vitae


2018- Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University

2017- 2018  Fulbright Fellow, Hebrew University (Israel)               

2017            Th.M., Emory University

2016            M.T.S., Emory University                                             

2013            B.S., summa cum laude, Rochester University


M.T.S Thesis. Rebel Priests: The De Facto High Priesthood of the Early Maccabean Brothers Emory University 2016                                              

Haigh, Rebekah. “Oral Aspect: Performative Approach to 1QM.Dead Sea Discoveries. 26 (2019): 189-219.

Haigh, Rebekah. “Silencing the Land: Joshua as a Military Ritualist.” Biblical Interpretation (2022): 1 -21.

Haigh, Rebekah. “Review. Material Aspects of Reading in Ancient and Medieval Cultures: Materiality, Presence and Performance.” DSD (Forthcoming.)

Teaching Experience

Princeton University

2020                Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Teaching Assistant for Dr. Moulie Vidas

2019                Who Wrote the Bible, Teaching Assistant for Dr. Laura Quick  

Rochester University

2022                 Introduction to the Pentateuch, Instructor 

Lectures & Conferences


“(W)rites of War: Violent Ritual and Its Imaginative Praxis at Qumran.” International Organization for the Study of Old Testament (Zurich, Switzerland; Aug, 9th 2022)


“A Jewish War Scroll: Exploring Revelation as Performance.” Jewish Christianity Program Unit, SBL.


“Who Says I?” The Scribal Voice of the Genesis Apocryphon.” International Organization for the Study of Old Testament (Aberdeen, Scotland; Aug, 4th 2019)


“Oral Aspect: A Performative Approach to 1QM milḥamah” Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Jerusalem, Israel; June 6, 2018).

“Orality and Textuality at Qumran” Fulbright/Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange 2018 Enrichment Seminar (Rabat, Morocco; April, 8th 2018).

“Desert Drama: 1QM milḥamah as a Performance Text.” Fulbright/U.S. Israel Education Foundation (Tel Aviv; Jan, 2018).


“A Peculiar Hymn: Reconsidering the Origins of “And You” in 1QM.” Paper presented in Emory’s Sofia Forum, Feb 2017.